I am now able to offer 30 min sessions of personal one to one coaching sessions. You decide when and what you want to work on. Each 30 min session is $30. Purchase as many or as few as you need.  

This session is designed to provide virtual one to one sessions for teachers to use in any way they want. It can be for activity ideas or feedback on a video taped lesson. 

Coaching can take on many forms:

Individual teacher coaching can be a follow up to a workshop. Individual time with the teacher can determine ability to implement new strategies learned in workshop. Coaching is done privately but is not confidential. A summary is provided to administration and teacher. Administrator can be present or not. All coaching is not evaluative and related to individual teacher needs. A form can be provided in advance to teachers to direct observation and debriefing session.  

Staff training: Coaching may take the form of classroom observation with coordinator or program support person. A checklist is provided to understand what should be observed in classrooms. Debriefing time is provided to discuss ideas, and suggestions. This type of coaching is to training support people by showing how to improve support to teachers.