right_family_0.pdfHere are some things I used this summer for an elementary classroom. .

Great resources:

http://www.education.com/   This website is a subscription but it has all content areas and grade levels. Interactive activities and worksheets. 

Camp Game - Volume Ia.pdf This book of camp games gave me a lot of ideas and then I tweaked them to focus on content and standards. 

Each morning students filled out a "decision contract" that we reviewed each period of the day. Students decided what their own behavior earned for that period and had to justify it. Decision Contract.docx


I set me schedule up to work on ELA standards throughout the week like this: Monday- Reading activities, Tuesday Writing activities, Wednesday Listening activities, Thursday Speaking activities and Friday Grammer/Language Activities

Reading activities: 

Writing Activities- I used word tiles, magnetic words and other manipulatives instead of focusing on just pencil/pen activities. 

Listening activities- "Who has what?" is a great listening activity.  



Common Core Standards for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities